Purple Patriot - The Next Wave in Civic Engagement


The female sister tech team of Jean and Christine Templin from Oakland, California are on a mission to reinvent civic engagement. Through their platform, Purple Patriot, they are demanding equality and inclusion by giving women the opportunity to rewrite the rules, with our voices, votes and wallets.

Women are a major political power in this country. They yield a tremendous amount of strength at the ballot box and in the check-out line. Women control over 85% of all purchasing decisions or an estimated $15 trillion dollars spent annually, and are over 50% of the population. Voting occurs daily with their purchases along with every two years in the elections.

Tapping into this enormous potential, Purple Patriot provides a platform for women to flex their political muscles. Understanding change is a marathon not a sprint, the non-partisan app focuses on education, organization and motivation of women and their allies through the building of routine engagement.

“We all agree on one thing, government is broken. It is time to build new systems that include us all and reflect our communities.” Christine Templin, Co-Founder

Purple Patriot makes it simple to get started and easy to stay involved for everyone- from those who are new to the process to the experienced veterans. It is a one-stop shop to learn about issues, your elected officials and the brands you use every day and fit involvement into busy schedules. Routines are built by tracking completed actions against weekly goals. The app has been called the “Fitbit for Politics”, encouraging users to #Take3 actions weekly to get civically fit.

The team also recently introduced the “Women Empowerment Score”, an index which ranks brands and companies on their commitment to promoting equality and inclusion for women in their workplaces. It serves as a guide for purchasing decisions and a benchmark for brands and their commitment to empowering women.

“Every day I make decision on what to purchase, the more information I have to make these decisions, the more I will purchase with impact in mind. I am a Lyft only rider, I use T-mobile and bank with First Republic, all decisions I’ve made based on impact to my community.” Jean Templin, Co-Founder

Brands are taking notice. Nike, Patagonia, Starbucks and Levis have publicly taken stances on social issues impacting their communities. These actions have impacted new sales, brand loyalty and even recruiting efforts. The power of voting with your wallet is just starting to be understood.