#TAKE3 Civic Actions Weekly.
Stay Woke.

Purple Patriot:
Free mobile app driving inclusion and equality in gov't using our voices, votes and wallets.

Review issues and actions

Quickly review the tasks in your To-Do list and select actions to complete.

Track your involvement

Your involvement is measured and tracked, helping build routines to impact change.

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Purple Patriot provides you with an easy way to stay informed and active with the issues impacting your community and government. It is the single place where you can learn about the issues, engage in conversation on Facebook and Twitter, call your representative and locate their next town hall meeting, or other gatherings near you. It is Easy to get started and Simple to stay involved, even with a busy schedule.

The name "Purple Patriot" comes from the blending of RED and BLUE and our belief that all people, from liberal conservatives to conservative liberals, need to find common ground to move forward and collectively govern our communities.

Easy to Get Started

A one-stop shop offering a variety of actions centralized around issues that make all levels of engagement effortless. We encourage everyone to get started in civic engagement.

Civic actions include learning facts about issues, introducing yourself to your state and local officials on social media, reading both proposed and enacted legislation as well as attending gatherings near you.

Simple to Stay Involved

Build weekly routines, trend toward your goals and challenge others to stay involved.

Each day we will send you reminders to complete an action. The app gives you many actions to choose from and makes it simple for you to fit civic action into your busy schedule. We understand busy!

Challenge yourself and your friends to #Take3 civic actions weekly. High-five us @Twitter, Facebook or Instagram when you complete an action and join the swag party!

Unleash your wallet power

Did you know...women make the decisions on which brand/service to buy on $0.85 of every dollar spent in the USA annually? That is $15 Trillion dollars a year.

The Women Empowerment Score is designed to help women make decisions on which product and brands support women and the issues important to us.

It is time to unleash our #women superpower and partner with brands that help empower women and our communities.